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MIDUSS Version 2
for the design of drainage systems

What is MIDUSS?

MIDUSS is Windows-based software that helps you to engineer complex drainage networks to convey flow hydrographs from single event storms. MIDUSS lets you:

  • generate hydrographs using a variety of built-in hydrologic models
  • design a network of pipes, channels, culverts, ponds, infiltration trenches, cascading pipes, diversions - all with preliminary sizing done automatically  and flood routing where appropriate
  • use interactive design and immediate feedback to quickly optimize each element as you progress downstream
  • use automatic mode to analyze and adjust your completed design under more severe storms
  • concentrate on engineering; robust error detection and step-by-step prompts are provided throughout
  • import/export hyetographs or hydrographs at virtually any stage
  • feel good about your investment: we offer competitive software pricing and on-going updates and support
  • get going fast with detailed Reference and Tutorial manuals as well as free audio-visual lessons
  • feel assured we know what we're doing - MIDUSS is 20 years on the market and still going strong

Is MIDUSS a hydrology model?

No! MIDUSS is a toolkit that brings together many accepted hydrologic models and hydraulic design methodologies into one software package.

MIDUSS is the yellow dot on the diagram below.  Other products on the market are concentrated at the top -  focused on simulation and hydrograph generation. 

MIDUSS is a balance between hydrologic simulation and drainage design engineering.

We include a lot of hydrologic models (storm, runoff, infiltration) but MIDUSS excels at helping you design the best drainage network to convey your hydrograph.



Vortex valves for control
New in Pond Design...


- What's New -

  • Sophisticated culvert design with multiple barrels (and types) plus storage routing

  • Use a culvert as a pond outflow control or use a customized vortex valve

  • Cascading super-pipes design module

  • New plan view visual layout of your network design

  • Built-in IDF Curve Fit module lets you derive a,b,c parameters from your own rainfall data

  • Mass storm editor module

  • Instantaneous Unit Hydrograph generator

  • Time of Concentration and Roughness Height tools

  • Save Session allows convenient stopping and starting of MIDUSS design sessions

  • Repeat From Start command simplfies automatic re-analysis and re-design

  • Serial number system

  • Network license provides unlimited users in an office

  • Enterprise license provides unlimited Network and Single licenses

  • Maintenance update service

  • Auto-detect of new updates if available

- What's Improved -

  • More detention pond design outflow controls

  • Complex channel design now includes variable roughness and read/write of  cross sections to file

  • Infiltration Trench design

  • QuickGraph lets you superimpose hyetographs and hydrographs

  • Full upward compatibility with previous MIDUSS 98 data files

  • Version 2 will co-exist on same PC as MIDUSS 98 - both will work independently. See FAQ.

  • Full support for Windows 2000 and XP

  • Upated User manuals and Help systems

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Design makes
the difference
Latest Update:
v2.25 Rev473
On-line videos

There are videos available to help you use MIDUSS.  Click here.

Quick Story

How about a quick MIDUSS review in 180 seconds or less? We know your time is valuable. Click here for the fast story.

College or University faculty?

Please see our academic page for our low price offer.  Click here.

Theory anyone?

If you are interested in the hydrological or hydraulic theory built into MIDUSS click here.

You have a custom version of MIDUSS distributed through Winz Connections.
Find out more information about the custom Malaysia storms.  Click here.









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