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MIDUSS Version 2 Support

[ FAQ ]
Frequently asked questions about the use of MIDUSS Version 2.

[ Video training ]
22 on-line Flash videos to help you learn more about MIDUSS.

[ Build Update ]
Version 2 updates since Feb 8, 2004.  Review the latest and see if you need to download the latest update from our download area.

[ Installing MIDUSS ]
Installing the Single or Network licenses

[ Compatibility Issues ]
Using old MIDUSS 98 files.  Co-existing MIDUSS 98 and MIDUSS Version 2 installations.

[ Upgrading Information ]
Moving from MIDUSS 98 to Version 2.
Upgrading from Version 2 Single to Version 2 Network.

[ Serial Numbers ]
What are they for and how do they work.

[ Maintenance Policy ]
What do you get with Maintenance

[ Register ]
Register your MIDUSS license to receive 90 days of support and upgrades.




Feature suggestion:
Please let us know what you would like to see added to MIDUSS Version 2.

Suggested feature:

Your name:

Your email:

Click here to
report a bug

Our Resources area has additional information:

  • User Manuals - our MIDUSS Version 2 Reference Manual (445 pages) and Tutorial Manual (112 pages)

  • Papers - technical papers presented at conferences. Download them in PDF or view the PowerPoint presentatinos online.

  • Powerpoint Presentations - These Powerpoint presentations are used for MIDUSS training and may be downloaded or viewed online.












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Latest Update:
v2.25 Rev468
March 6, 2009
On-line videos

There are 25 Flash videos available to help you use MIDUSS.  Click here.

Quick Story

How about a quick MIDUSS review in 180 seconds or less? We know your time is valuable. Click here for the fast story.

College or University faculty?

Please see our academic page for our low price offer.  Click here.

MIDUSS Automatic Mode Problems?

Recent Windows XP and 2000 updates have caused some MIDUSS 98 and Version 2 installations to fail in Auto mode.  If you are experiencing this problem click here.

Theory anyone?

If you are interested in the hydrological or hydraulic theory built into MIDUSS click here.

What do MIDUSS users say

View the results of our May 2004 User survey.  No marketing fluff, just the facts.  Click here.

You have a custom version of MIDUSS distributed through Winz Connections.
Find out more informaion about the custom Malaysia storms.  Click here.









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