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Design Diversion Device


A diversion structure allows the inflow hydrograph to be split into two separate components, the outflow hydrograph and the diverted flow hydrograph. 

Below a user-specified threshold flow all of the inflow will be transmitted to the outflow hydrograph. When the inflow exceeds the threshold value, the excess is divided in proportion to a specified fraction.  For example, if the inflow is 25 cfs and the thresh-hold is 5 cfs so the excess flow is 20 cfs.  Now if the capture fraction is F = 0.8 this means that 80% of the excess flow is diverted and the diverted flow will be 16 cfs and the outflow will be 9 cfs.

Instead of specifying the diverted fraction F you can define this implicitly by specifying the desired peak outflow. MIDUSS will then work out the necessary fraction to be diverted.

The diverted flow hydrograph is written to a file so that it may be recovered at a later time and used to design the necessary conduit or channel.

Use of the diversion command is the only instance in which the topology of the network changes from a tree to a circuited network.

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