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Design Cascade


The Cascade command lets you route the current inflow hydrograph through a short cascade of storage cells formed from a variety of cross-sectional shapes such as pipes, rectangular boxes, horizontal and vertical elliptical pipes and pipe arch sections.

The storage may be provided by a ‘superpipe’ or oversized storm sewer with a modest slope and a reach length limited to 100 - 150m (330 - 500 ft). Two reaches of superpipe can be used in series.

Each chamber is horizontal with a specified length, width, height and invert elevation.

The outflow control from each chamber is assumed to be an orifice of specified diameter and coefficient of contraction with the orifice invert equal to the bottom of the upstream chamber.

You can specify a pipe, box or any of three special pipe sections (e.g. horiz elliptical, vert elliptical or pipe arch).  If you select the special pipes a drop-down list lets you browse through a set of commercially available sizes. These are shown in metric or imperial sizes depending on the choice of units.

If a cell is surcharged, the data box containing the Height is highlighted to warn you that more storage or a larger orifice is required.











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