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MIDUSS 98 License

Get a Keycode

The following form may be used to request a Keycode from us.  The Keycode is used to "release" MIDUSS from its 30 day limitation.

The keycode we generate is customized for each computer where MIDUSS is installed.  That is, each computer has a unique "fingerprint" which is special just for that PC.  This fingerprint is called a Site Code.

On the form below we need to know your Site Code (or Site Codes for multiple PCs) so that we can generate the proper Keycode.  Then, the Keycode will be emailed to you. 

You use the Keycode on the MIDUSS start-up screen.  You simply copy/paste it into the displayed field and MIDUSS will then try to match the Keycode to the Site Code.  With a proper match the full (unrestricted days)  MIDUSS will be available.

If you wish to move the unrestricted MIDUSS license to another PC, you can easily move the license using a floppy disk.  Here is how to do this.

We provide requested keycodes during normal business hours. Eastern Standard Time (i.e. New York City) from 9:00am - 5:00pm weekdays (except holidays).

For emergency issuing of Keycode outside normal hours please click here.



MIDUSS keycode request

Your name:
Your MIDUSS Site code(s)*.  It is best to copy and paste from the MIDUSS screen:
Site Code 1:
Site Code 2:
Site Code 3:
Site Code 4:
* You provide just one Site Code for each license purchased.
Approximate date you purchased MIDUSS:





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